Amelia Earhart

Earhart became captivated with flying while attending an aviation exhibition and enrolled in grueling training soon after. She became the 16th American woman to receive a pilot’s license and proceeded to break altitude, speed, and distance records.

Earhart battled dangerous weather and mechanical problems to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. She subsequently became the first aviator to traverse several other long-haul flights.

In 1935, she set her sights on an even bolder challenge: circumnavigating the
globe across the equator. After extensive preparation and one failed attempt, Earhart took off on June 1, 1937. During the most difficult leg of her trip, all contact was lost, and despite a massive search, Earhart and her navigator were not heard from again.

Throughout her career, Earhart advocated for women in aviation and even inspired her friend Eleanor Roosevelt to get a student flying permit. Earhart joined other female pilots to found The Ninety-Nines, which continues to advance women in aviation today.

Earhart broke boundaries and helped lift up those who followed. Could her example inspire your mission?

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